Cleaning Your Workspace

December 31 is No Interruptions Day, a day to reduce the intrusion of electronic gadgets and devices in the workplace. These devices are notorious for being distracting and for preventing people from focusing on their tasks.

To celebrate No Interruptions Day, we’re reminding readers that a clean workplace helps contribute to employee health and wellbeing.

If you work at a desk, whether you work from home or in the office, here’s some tips on how to keep your space clean:

Before you get started make sure you turn off and unplug any electronics. Remember to never spray cleaner directly onto any part of the computer or its accessories. Spray it onto a cloth, and then gently wipe.

Items to clean:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Mouse Pad
  • Monitor
  • Surrounding Surfaces
  • Printer
  • Telephone and/or Cell Phone
  • Headset or Earbuds


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