Ingredient Function Guide

STEAM Day focuses on getting kids interested in fields of science. And cleaning can be a great introduction since it’s something everyone does and involves a surprising amount of chemistry. Kids can learn about the chemistry of cleaning on our site, Exploration Clean, which includes an interactive game. Check it out!

But kids don’t have to have all the fun. STEAM Day is also a time to encourage learning about sciences (and technology, engineering, arts, and math) throughout our lives. For instance, do you know what the ingredients in your cleaning products do and how they work? We created a guide to help explain. Check out our Ingredient Functions List and stay tuned for a series of blog posts focusing on several of these ingredients.

Put on your scientist hat and join us in exploring a few of those lesser-known cleaning product ingredient functions in your favorite products that help keep you and your family clean, healthy, and happy. The first post comes out on Thursday and more will follow over the next few months!

Are there cleaning product ingredient functions from our list that you have questions about?



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