About Cleaning Product Functions: Part 1

We want to empower everyone to feel more confident with the cleaning products they have chosen to use in their homes. After all, you have a right not only to know what’s in your products, but to understand those ingredients.

That’s why this is the first in a series of posts focusing on some cleaning product ingredient functions you may be less familiar with. Let’s dive in! 

  • Bittering Agent:  Bitter is bad, right?  Of course!  When a bittering agent (otherwise known as an ingredient), is added to a cleaning product, it imparts a bitter taste to enhance safety.  Consider it your very own “special agent” to prevent accidental harm!
  • Laundry Cleaning Booster:  Ever feel like you could use a helpful “boost” to do your best work? So does laundry! Boosters are ingredients added to laundry to enhance their cleaning game, helping to prevent dinginess, remove oily soils, and prevent dyes from spreading. Talk about performance power!
  • Stabilizer:  Similar to the word “stabilize,” a stabilizer is an ingredient that maintains product appearance, used to prevent undesired changes in the cleaning mixture such as its form, chemical nature, or active ingredients. Stabilizers are commonly used across cleaning products to ensure their performance and efficacy.
  • Opacifier: Do you know what the word “opaque” means? If so, then you’re well on your way to understanding what opacifiers do within cleaning products! Opacifiers are ingredients added to enhance a product’s appearance, changing it from clear to opaque, as well as helping to achieve a more uniform and consistent look.

Did you know about these ingredient functions in your products?   

We’ll be sharing more ingredient functions in future blog posts, so check back next month! In the meantime, you can see the full list of ingredient functions or learn more about several of the most common uses for ingredients in cleaning products. 



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