Navigating Floor Cleaning

Floors get dirty. Afterall, we walk on them every day! So how do you get them clean?

There are so many types of flooring material, including wood, vinyl, stone and ceramic tile. The best way to determine how to clean your floors is to start by checking the information that comes from the flooring manufacturer. Often, they will recommend a specific product. If not, read cleaning product labels carefully to match their recommendations with your type of flooring.

In general, here are some tips to keep floors clean and in good shape:• Clean floors regularly. Soil left over time is harder to remove.

  • Make a clean sweep. Vacuum or sweep floors first to remove dirt, dust and crumbs. This helps prevent scratches.• Loosen soils. When washing floors, the cleaning solution should remain on the floor just long enough to loosen the soil.
  • Don’t use abrasive pads or cleansers that can scratch the floor.• Always read and follow product label instructions.
  • Buff it up. If you’re applying wax or polish, be sure the floor is clean and thoroughly dry first.

For mopping, what tool should you use for the job? There are several options:

  • String Mop (cotton or microfiber) – This conventional mop works on most surfaces and is good at absorbing liquid. The top can often be laundered and reused.
  • Flat Mop – These mops usually last longer than a string mop but can be more difficult to clean after use.
  • Disposable Pad Mop – This is a lightweight mop that does not require cleaning, but each mop pad is single use. It can be dry or wet.


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