Hand Washing Clothes Dos and Don’ts

There are some clothes that don’t require dry cleaning but you may not want to put in the washing machine. These can include delicate items like bras, swimsuits and vintage pieces. Hand washing can help you keep these pieces looking their best for a long time. Hand washing a small batch of clothes can also be helpful while traveling. This method may take a little more time and attention than tossing things in the washing machine, but it isn’t difficult. To help you out, we’ve compiled some dos and don’ts of hand washing clothes.

  • Do check the label for fabric care information. This will tell you what water temperature to use and other specific care instructions.
  • Don’t hand wash an item with a tag that says “dry clean only.” It says that for a reason.
  • Do add detergent to a basin of water to clean. A liquid detergent designed for delicates can be helpful. Just stick to one detergent and don’t mix cleaning products!
  • Don’t try to scrub off stains. When you soak the clothes in the basin, gently agitate the water and let the detergent do the work. That way, you’ll minimize wear and tear.
  • Do lay clothes flat to dry, on a towel, if it’s important that they keep their shape. Otherwise, they can be hung to dry.
  • Don’t wring clothes dry. Instead, lightly squeeze out any excess water. Tight twisting can stretch out clothes, especially if they’re delicate.

With these tips, you can extend the life of some of your favorite pieces from your closet. Learn more about caring for clothes.



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