Pajama Care and Cleaning

We all know there are clothing items you should wash after every wear, such as socks and underwear. But what about those items worn only indoors and often when you are clean (post-shower)? It may seem wasteful to wash them after every wear, or impractical for those without a washer and dryer directly in the home.

It’s important to keep in mind natural body oils, perspiration, dead skin cells, bacteria and body care products can build up on your pajamas. If you continue to wear them without laundering, it can cause skin irritation – and might even start to smell funky.

How Often to Clean

If your pajamas are your only layer, they should be treated as underwear and washed after every use. If you wear your pajamas with an undergarment, you should wash them at least as frequently as you would launder garments worn during the day. The American Cleaning Institute recommends washing every three to four days.

When deciding a wash schedule, consider these factors:

  • How much you sweat when you sleep — more sweat requires more-frequent washing.
  • Whether you take a shower at night, before putting on your PJs — this keeps them cleaner.
  • What materials your pajamas are made from — wool, for example, resists moisture, so it can be worn a little longer before laundry time.

How to Clean

  • When washing pajamas, be sure to read the label for best practices. Flannel should be turned inside out, while silk is usually best cleaned by hand.
  • Wash in cool water, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Use your favorite fabric softener, to ensure ultimate sleeping comfort.
  • For an extra treat, steam or iron before wearing.


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