Short-Term Rental Cleaning Tips

Short-term rental guests usually have high standards when it comes to cleanliness and hosts must show they are meeting and exceeding these expectations. Ensuring a safe and clean environment for guests is a matter of having a plan, whether you are cleaning on your own or bringing in a service. Here are our top tips to keep in mind for your cleaning plan:

Turnover Time

  • Create a checklist to follow each time. Don’t forget things that may not be used as much but still need cleaning, like an outdoor grill.
  • Disinfect properly. Disinfectants are designed to work on different surfaces and need to stay wet for a certain amount of time to work. Read the label before using so that you are not just spraying and wiping but using the product in a way that is effective.

Guest Supplies

  • Any cleaning products available to guests should be stored up and out of reach of children.
  • Keep cleaning products in their original containers. The product label has important use as well as safety information in case of an accident. This is especially important for containers that also have child resistant features, like liquid laundry packets.

Deep Clean

  • Don’t forget to set aside time for cleaning appliances and other deep cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done every time.
  • This is also a good time to note any cleaning supplies that need to be refilled or items that may need to be repaired or replaced.




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