Easy Steps to Cleaning Motivation

Have you ever had those days when you just want to relax on the couch and not wash those dishes in the sink or whatever else needs to get done? We have them, too! However, we also know how nice it feels to have a clean space. It can improve your mental health (like we mentioned last month!) and relaxing can be that much more enjoyable without knowing chores are waiting. We’ve compiled a list of ways to work up the motivation to tackle those tasks!

  • Create a cleaning playlist. Pack it full of songs that pump you up. Only play those awesome tunes when you’re getting your cleaning on in a tactic known as temptation bundling.
  • Watch a home organizing show. Or you could follow your favorite home organizers on social media. A little inspiration can get you amped up for making your home Instagram-worthy. It may be helpful to set a time limit for this, and perhaps an alarm, so you eventually stop watching or scrolling and put those great ideas to work.
  • Rack up small wins. You may be looking for the motivation to get started, but it doesn’t usually work that way. Action leads to motivation. Pick a small task that only takes a few minutes and get it done. Use that sense of accomplishment to spur you on further.
  • Set a deadline. Find a reason to invite friends or family over. The excitement to see loved ones paired with a desire to have a clean space for them is a tried-and-true impetus for tidying.
  • Commit to clean. The frustrating thing about motivation is that it comes and goes. While we wait to find it, the need to do laundry is usually more consistent. Creating a checklist or schedule can help keep you on track because discipline beats motivation every time.

Which ones do you do or want to try? Let us know your favorites in the comments. Or let us know your favorite cleaning motivation tactics that we missed.



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