Ingredient Functions: Part 3

We want to empower everyone to feel more confident with the cleaning products they have chosen to use in their homes. After all, you have a right not only to know what’s in your products, but to understand those ingredients. That’s why this is the third in a series of posts focusing on some cleaning product ingredient functions you may be less familiar with. Let’s dive in!

Tablet Disintegrant: When something disintegrates, it breaks down. A tablet disintegrant, then, is an ingredient that helps aid in the dissolving of product — aka the cleaning tablet. Once the tablet is placed in the presence of a liquid such as water, the disintegrant helps dissolve the tablet so that the cleaning magic can happen!

Denaturant: Have you seen this word before?  If so, it’s most likely with alcohol products intended for NON-consumption.  In fact, that’s what it’s all about! Denaturants are ingredients added to alcohol to make it unfit for consumption. For example, they can be bad-tasting or foul-smelling to discourage use and ensure safety.

Propellant: When you “propel” something, you’re moving it in a particular direction. A related term, propellants – often found within aerosol cans – serve to function the same way for cleaning products. Propellants are pressurized ingredients that create a fine spray or foam. They help “propel” the cleaning solution where it’s needed!

Did you know about these ingredient functions in your products? Check out the full list of ingredient functions or learn more about several of the most common uses for ingredients in cleaning products.

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