Ingredient Functions: Part 4

We want to empower everyone to feel more confident with the cleaning products they have chosen to use in their homes. You have a right not only to know what’s in your products, but to understand those ingredients. That’s why we’re back sharing more cleaning product ingredient functions you may be less familiar with:

Dissolvable Film: When something dissolves, it breaks apart – usually due to the presence of water. Thus, for a dissolvable film, it does just that!  It’s a film that dissolves in water. A perfect example of this would be your typical detergent pod used for dishwashers or washing machines. The cleaning ingredients in these types of products are released to perform their magic when the film dissolves away. Bravo!

Bleach: You no doubt are likely familiar with at least one type of bleach, but did you know that bleaches also have the power to wipe out colored stains when you’re cleaning? Yep! Bleaches remove colored stains, making short work of pesky trouble spots on home surfaces and clothes, for example.

Colorant: Sometimes you like a little color in life, right? The same goes for cleaning products! A colorant is simply a dye or other ingredient that provides color.

Defoamer: Ever heard that too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing? If so, then it would make sense that it also applies to all those fizzy bubbles and foam when you’re using cleaning products. A defoamer is an ingredient that prevents excessive foaming – it’s all about having just the right amount to know the product is working!

Were any of these functions a surprise? Interested in learning more? Check out our full list of ingredient functions and get more information about the types of cleaning products in which they appear.

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