Understanding Disinfectant Labels

You’ve probably looked at disinfectant labels a little more closely in the last year or two than previously. But what do all those instructions mean and what are the most important things to pay attention to? When it comes to disinfectants, those labels are a little different from other cleaning products. Here are some key differences:

  • EPA Registration Information – Look for this number to ensure the product has met all government requirements and to find out which bacteria or viruses the product is registered to be effective against.
  • Directions and Contact Time – Always read and follow the directions, including how long the surface must stay wet after treatment to be effective.
  • Active Ingredient(s) – The label will list any ingredients that enable the product to disinfect, as well as the percentage of it in the product.
  • Warnings and Cautions – Caution information, as well as first aid instructions, will be featured on the product label, often in bold, large print.

For more information about disinfectant labels and what to look for, check out our information on disinfectants and disinfecting.

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